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Digital Ag Fact

The projected growth in the global population will be 9.5 billion people by 2050, which will require the global agricultural workforce to produce 70% more food than our farmers do today. [UN - FAO Report]

Principle Investigators

Image of Joe Colletti

Joe Colletti, Ph.D. - View Bio
Sr. Assoc. Dean for the College of Agriculture & Life Sciences, Iowa State Univ.

Image of Greg Monaco

Greg Monaco, Ph.D. - View Bio
Great Plains Network - Executive Director

Image of Travis Desell

Travis Desell, Ph.D. - View Bio
Assoc. Professor of Computer Science, Univ. of North Dakota

Image of Grant McGimpsey

Grant McGimpsey, Ph.D. - View Bio
Vice President for Research & Economic Development at Univ. of North Dakota

Image of Jennifer Clarke

Jennifer Clarke, Ph.D. - View Bio
Assoc. Professor of Food Science & Technology, Univ. of Nebraska - Lincoln

Advisory Committee

Image of Lisa Harper

Lisa Harper, Ph.D. - Website
Director, AgBioData Consortium MaizeGDB, USDA-ARS PGEC

Image of Thomas Haun

Thomas Haun - Website
Executive Vice President - PrecisionHawk

Image of Mark Moran

Mark Moran, Ph.D. - Website
Associate Director, John Deere Technology Innovation Center

Image of Jack Cothren

Jack Cothren, Ph.D. - Website
Director of the Center for Advanced Spatial Technologies

Image of April Agee Carroll

April Agee Carroll, Ph.D. - Website
Vice President of Research & Development at AeroFarms

Image of Jason Cepela

Jason Cepela- Website
Crop Computational Biology Lead - Agro Discovery, PepsiCo R&D