Date:     Wed, June 24, 2020
Time:     8:00 AM to 3:30 PM – US Central Time

Workshop Registration:      
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Announcement: The UASPSE digital agriculture spoke project of the Midwest Big Data Hub, together with the University of Minnesota College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resources Sciences and PepsiCo, are hosting Big Data Promises and Obstacles: Agricultural Data Ownership and Privacy, a virtual workshop on data ownership and privacy as it relates to academic and industry Research and Development in agriculture.


  1. Marc Bellemare      University of Minnesota
    Law & Economics of Ag Data Policy
  2. Ankita Raturi          Purdue University
    IoT and Cover Crops
  3. Deborah Stacy        University of Guelph
    Animal Health Metrics
  4. Senait Senay           University of Minnesota
    Data Privacy – Pests and Diseases
  5. Aaron Bergstrom   University of North Dakota
    UAS Agricultural Data
  6. Brian King               CGIAR
    International Ag Data Issues
  7. Kevin Silverstein   University of Minnesota
    GEMS and Other Ag Data Platforms
  8. Leslie Delserone    University Nebraska – Lincoln
    Research Libraries & Ag Research Data
  9. Aaron Ault              Purdue University
    OATS Data Platform


  • Academics
  • Ag Librarians
  • Ag Extension
  • Research Practitioners
  • Data Practitioners
  • Industry Partners working in R&D


  • Aaron Bergstrom        University of North Dakota
  • Cynthia Parr                USDA ARS
  • Jim Wilgenbusch        Minnesota Supercomputing Institute
    –                                      University of Minnesota
  • Phil Pardey                  CFANS – University of Minnesota
  • Jason Cepela               PepsiCo