NSF BDSPOKES - Digital Agriculture: Unmanned Aerial Systems, Plant Sciences and Education

UPSiE Icon   Unmanning Data Mondays

UASPSE and the University of North Dakota are hosting a rotating series of webinars called UPSiE - Unmanning Data Mondays: Getting the human out of unmanned aerial systems data. The webinars are hosted in person from institutions involved with UASPSE and the Midwest Data Hub, and will be streamed online.

Unmanning Data Mondays Webinars

UPSiE Icon   Plant Phenomics Phridays

In collaboration with UASPSE, Iowa State University is hosting a seminar series on Plant Phenomics.

Iowa State University Seminar Series on Plant Phenomics

UPSiE Icon   Big Data Zoom Webinars

In collaboration with UASPSE, Zoom webinars involving Big Data are being hosted through Kansas State University, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and the Research Advisors Group.

Big Data Zoom Webinars