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The projected growth in the global population will be 9.5 billion people by 2050, which will require the global agricultural workforce to produce 70% more food than our farmers do today. [UN - FAO Report]


MBDH Carpentry Instructor Training

Location: University of Minnesota
Dates: 2017-10-27 TO 2017-10-28
Register: Click for Registration Info

As part of its on-going activities as a collaborator in the Midwest Big Data Hub, University of North Dakota has joined the Software/Data Carpentry organization at the Gold Level. Its kickoff carpentry event is an on-site Carpentry Instructor Training workshop to be held in conjunction with the collaborative UND/MSI/IMA AgriData Workshop.

There are 14 open seats for this event. Interested person must register for the AgriData Workshop. The AgriData Workshop registration link is listed above.

From Software/Data Carpentry:
Over the last hundred years, researchers have discovered an enormous amount about how people learn and how best to teach them. Unfortunately, much of that knowledge has not yet been translated into common classroom practice, while many myths about education have proven remarkably persistent.

This two-day class has two goals:

  • Introduce participants to a handful of key research findings and show how they can be used to help people learn better and faster.
  • Introduce participants to the teaching practices that have been adopted by the Software and Data Carpentry communities, and the overall philosophy and procedures of both organizations in order to prepare them to teach at Software and Data Carpentry workshops.

For a Sample Training Schedule see: Training Schedule